The Deptford Biscuit

The Deptford Biscuit

baking Deptford Biscuit

In the 18th century Deptford was home to a bakery which made the iconic hard tack biscuits that fed the Sailors, Convicts and Naval staff who lived, worked and sailed from the Dockyard. For Deptford X Bridgette Ashton and Nicole Mollett reincarnated the Mill Lane bakery through the making and distributing of Ship’s Biscuits at a number of venues and events. The Deptford Biscuit depicted the fate of the Golden Hinde, a ship which circumnavigated the globe then ended up as an eatery in Deptford Creek, before eventually being transformed into a souvenir chair.

Deptford X
23rd September – 3rd October 2011


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