Wall of Wonder



cardboard, glue, stamps, ink, wood, wheels

Twenty-one cardboard rocks were shipped by post, train and plane to Space Station Sixty Five Gallery, London (one was damaged and one was lost in the post). The rocks were assembled to form the ‘Wall of Wonder’ which was installed at the gallery for the duration of the exhibition ‘Only The World Remains’. At the close of the exhibition in 2017 they were bedecked with Catherine Wheels for a fiery finale. The remaining rocks were eventually transported by train back to the artist’s studio.

Six years later the rocks were then re-posted to MIRROR to form a new iteration of the ‘Wall of Wonder’. The cardboard rocks reference the 19th century fake stone, Pulhamite, which was used widely in parks and gardens to form ornamental rockeries, caves and follies.

Each rock retains evidence of its various travails with franked stamps, barcodes, previous addresses and traces of firework damage.