Transition Projects at Sluice Vernacular

Transition Projects at Sluice Vernacular

For Sluice expo Transition Projects presents Witch Marks featuring a small group of mixed media artists, whose work responds to evidential manifestations of witchcraft in Colchester and the locale, alongside a consideration of the broader implications of the rising interest in witchcraft in the art world. The exhibition includes work by Bridgette Ashton, Selena Chandler, Hayley Lock, Cathy Lomax, Matilda Moors & Lili Spain.

The 2024 Sluice expo revolves around the concept of the vernacular as a means to investigate how culture can manifest in response to differing stimuli, be it structural or ethical.The expo is an opportunity for a loosely defined sector, encompassing artist-led initiatives, curator-led projects, collectives, non-profit organisations and galleries to converge. This gathering serves the dual purpose of mutual learning whilst presenting an under-represented facet of the creative ecology to an inquisitive public. The aim is to foster the commonalities between a dispersed community and enhance its strength.

The Minories,
74 High Street, Colchester, C01 1UE
Friday 14 – Sunday 16 June 2024
10am – 4pm


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